Asset Implementation

Asset Consultancy

Team Capex defines asset implementation as the process of acquiring and installing a new capital asset through consulting and field services.

Consulting Service

  • Troubleshooting our way through the details of your Asset Implementation project
  • Consisting of one on one consulting with all parties (suppliers, vendors, your team)
  • Using all communication methods available (Conferencing, Email, Texting)
Cost of Service
  • $240 per hour
Consultancy Pod Composition
  • Project Manager
  • Account Manager

Field Service

  • Executing the project scope laid forth in the Asset Appraisal
  • Through the coordination of our vendor network
  • Team Capex performs total project management
Cost of Service
  • Determined by the consultancy pod required
  • Hours required for Project Management
  • Total cost of asset acquisition defined in the Asset Appraisal
Users of Service
  • Realtors, Property Managers, Regional Property Managers, Asset Property Managers
  • IT Managers, Facilities Engineers, Dept. Directors
  • Purchasing Dept., Chief Decision Makers