General Contracting

Capital Expense Consulting

Team Capex defines a general contractor as a project manager responsible for the overall coordination of a project.

General Contracting service:

  • coordinating our way through the management of the contracts and budgets outlaid in the Asset Appraisal
  • through micro managing the components / systems of your project (vendors, project schedules, interruptions, etc)
  • with the assistance of our proprietary management software and vetted General Contractors who are found in our exclusive vendor network.
Responsibilities of service:
  • coordinating all the vendors required for the project (material, labor, equipment)
  • ordering services necessary for the construction of the project
  • including the management of the specialized sub contractors found in our vendor database
Other responsibilities may include:
  • applying for building permits
  • securing the property
  • providing temporary utilities on site
  • managing personnel on site
  • providing site surveying and engineering
  • disposing or recycling of construction waste
  • monitoring schedules and cash flows
  • maintaining accurate records
Compliance note:

(our GC’s are licensed and bonded to their organic territories so we maintain local, state, and federal compliance no matter where we travel)