Asset Retirement

Asset Consultancy

Team Capex defines asset retirement as the process of physically removing your capital asset through consulting and field services.

Consulting Service

  • Troubleshooting our way through the details of your Asset Retirement project
  • Consisting of one on one consulting with all parties (suppliers, vendors, your team)
  • Using all communication methods available (Conferencing, Email, Texting)
Cost of Service
  • $360 per hour
Consultancy Pod Composition
  • Project Manager
  • Account Manager
  • Financial Specialist

Field Service

  • Executing the project scope laid forth in the Asset Appraisal
  • Through the coordination of our vendor network
  • Team Capex performs total project management
Cost of Service
  • Determined by the consultancy pod required
  • Hours required for Project Management
  • Total cost of asset acquisition defined in the Asset Appraisal
Users of Service

Realtors, Property Managers, Regional Property Managers, Asset Property Managers
IT Managers, Facilities Engineers, Dept. Directors
Purchasing Dept., Chief Decision Makers