Asset Appraisal


Team Capex defines the Asset Appraisal as a tangible product (extensive contracts) made possible by the Asset Survey. It marks the conclusion of the asset survey phase and starts the first step towards our asset consultancy plan of action.

The Asset Appraisal consist of:

  • Executive Summary
  • Proposal Acceptance Terms
  • Detailed Project Scope
  • Compensation for Services
  • Crew Member Breakdown
  • Roles and Responsibilities
  • Labor Cost Itemization
  • Material Cost Itemization
  • Equipment and Misc. Cost Itemization
  • Logistic Requirements Itemization
  • Terms and Conditions
The responsibility of the Asset Appraisal:
  •  to deliver an actionable plan that creates a starting point for the initial project budgets
Key Benefit:
  • provide valuable insight for your management team to truly compare apples to apples in your firms bid process
What to expect cost wise:
  • The cost of an Asset Appraisal is determined by the consultancy pod rate x the hours required to gather your project details.
    • Asset Consultancy pods:
      • Asset Remediation, Asset Implementation, Asset Management, Asset Retirement
What to expect time wise:
  • The amount of hours any given project will require to survey depends on several factors
    • your project organization level (concept or active project)
    • size of your organization
    • location of your project site
    • type of project
    • project deadlines