Contract Management


Team Capex defines Contract Management as the process of implementing your contracted solution outlaid in the Asset Appraisal over the course of the contracted time line. The start of this step marks the end of the third step in our asset consultancy process.

Contract Management consist of:

  • micro manageing of all aspects of the project through exclusive proprietary software
  • deploying our vast database of vetted vendors, suppliers, and partners
  • troubleshooting our way through completion
The responsibility of Contract Management:
  • to govern the terms of the contract
  • to enforce the terms set forth in the agreement shall discrepancy arise
  • to deliver an “as agreed upon” completed project
What to expect cost wise:
  • Determined by the consultancy pod required
  • Hours required for Contract Management
  • Total cost of asset acquisition defined in the Asset Appraisal
What to expect time wise:
  • The amount of hours any given contract will require to manage depends on several factors:
    • your project organization level (concept or active project)
    • size of your organization
    • location of your project site
    • type of project
    • project deadlines